Able to make decisions at short notice and proceed to an immediate exchange of contracts with early completions. We seek out residential and commercial properties in all areas, but with a focus on the Greater London area. Unusual properties are preferred where value can be added through reconfiguring or changing use.

About Safeland plc

LAST UPDATE: 14/05/2019

Safeland is a well-established company specialising in property trading, refurbishment, development and investment, together with self storage. We focus on properties where we can add value in the short term by improving management or through limited redevelopment. As a development strategy, Safeland has also demerged several companies which have been listed on AIM. This approach has provided a range of exciting opportunities for shareholders. Established in 1986, Safeland operates throughout the UK. We have the ability to direct our resources swiftly into areas where we believe there are opportunities for growth and the best possible returns.

First Demerger

The first Demeger was Hercules Property Services plc in 1996 which initially had a Market Cap of £1m and which grew over the following eight years via both organically and with the aid of strategic acquisitions and had an EV of £110m when it was sold to the Erinaceous Group in 2004.

Second Demerger

The second Demerger was Safestore plc a self storage company which initially had 3 centres and this grew to 20 in two years when Safeland exited.

Third Demerger

The third demerger was Bizspace plc a managed workspace company which
also had initially 3 centres and this grew to 63 when it was sold to Highcross for
£82m six years later.

Fourth Demerger

The fourth demerger was the Safestay Joint venture with the Moorfield Group that operate Boutique Hostels. Safestay plc floated on AIM in May 2014 and acquired the Safeland plc share of the joint venture in return for shares in Safestay plc. These shares were distributed to Safeland plc shareholders by way of dividend.

Delisting from AIM

In May 2019, Safeland plc cancelled the admission of the ordinary shares in the capital of the Company to trading on AIM.