Able to make decisions at short notice and proceed to an immediate exchange of contracts with early completions. We seek out residential and commercial properties in all areas, but with a focus on the Greater London area. Unusual properties are preferred where value can be added through reconfiguring or changing use.

Major Shareholders

Last Updated: 21/08/2017

Shareholders who hold more than 3% Amount % Holding
Shareholders who hold more than 3% Safeland Holdings Corp (dup A & dup B) Amount 10,854,386 % Holding 71.78
Shareholders who hold more than 3% Errol Alan Lipman (dup A) Amount 692,442 % Holding 4.58

The company does not currently have any treasury shares in issue.
The total percentage of securities not in public hands is 78.1%

These figures were last updated 13th June 2017